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Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps


Technical specifications:


Series: ASV, BSV, CSV

Vacuum capacity: from 168 to 555 Acfm

Power: from 10 to 40 hp

Maximum vacuum: 99%


Rotary screw vacuum pumps can reach up to 99% low vacuum. Some of the tasks in which these systems can be used are: dust suction, hermetic packing, instrument / device inspection, bottle and tube filling, drying, degassing and filtration. The KAESER equipment of these series stand out for having a highly efficient vacuum unit and specially developed for this type of work, and like the KAESER screw compressors, they are equipped with the new SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller, whose operation is adapted to the configuration of an industrial computer.


  • Extremely economical operation thanks to its SIGMA design rotors with low energy consumption and the unsurpassed efficiency of its IE3 drive motor.
  • SIGMA CONTROL 2 computerized controller in all its models.
  • Reliable V belt drive system with automatic tensioning mechanism
  • Flange that connects the oil pump directly to the compressor unit to provide greater safety to the operation.
  • Acoustic insulation and antivibration mounts in all series, for extremely silent operation.
  • Equipped, as a safety measure, with a filter mantle in the cooling air intake to prevent the entry of contaminating particles inside the equipment