Rental Air

We are the best specialized supplier in the rental of compressed air products and services; It provides an unbeatable service at competitive prices (at a fair price). CYMAQ is committed to our client, guarantees that you will receive a quick, professional and friendly service from the experienced staff of the best work team.


Here’s everything we have to offer you.

Our experience supports us

Authorized service technicians, experts in industrial safety standards and accident prevention who perform their tasks according to the instructions in the service manual.

Greater operational reliability, lower cost.

Preventive measures prevent damage to the system

  •  Reliable failure diagnosis reduces downtime
  •  Contamination of the filters causes high pressure losses

The use of original spare parts guarantees operational reliability

  •  Components of proven quality as required by the manufacturer
  •  Spare parts with a service life adjusted to the maintenance frequency


Mechanical and electrical aspects of compressors and blowers

Ventilation of the compressor room

Service technicians trained in the following topics

Refrigeration techniques

Air treatment techniques

Electronic control and data feedback techniques

Optimization of compressed air systems

We can assist you

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