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An effective an efficient service

Imagine that your production of compressed air cost you no investment; Imagine that you do not need your own or other people’s means and that, even so, you have the latest technical and energy management advances. That the supply of compressed air will be guaranteed at all times and that neither maintenance nor repairs will represent an operational or personnel cost for your company. It sounds good, right? The best thing is that it is possible and here we explain how.

Quality without conditions

With SIGMA AIR UTILITY, you pay for the air needed as with water or light. CYMAQ- Kaeser supplies compressed air as one more service. So, why invest in a complete compressed air network? SAU is an intelligent and cost-effective solution designed, installed and operated by CYMAQ´s expert group. A supply of efficient and reliable compressed air, low energy consumption and adapted to your application in terms of quantity and quality. In short, the perfect solution that gives transparency to your cost management.

We take care of everything

Compressed air is an extremely important means of production that must be entrusted to someone with due competence. Sigma Air Utility is the proposal of KAESER COMPRESORES, a company with decades of experience in the manufacture of pneumatic equipment and in the design of complete compressed air and vacuum stations that is not limited to providing a conventional air service. CYMAQ & KAESER have the right personnel, as well as the latest generation of compressors, blowers, treatment units and master controllers. All with the recognized “German quality” and interconnected through a robust computer network to your Teleservice support and diagnostics center, thereby guaranteeing the permanent availability of the air it produces for you.

Transparent and Reliable

Buying compressed air or vacuum in the exact amount and quality required, without acquiring and operating an air station on your own, definitely reduces costs. With the SAU, a price per cubic meter of air is fixed, through a long-term contract to avoid tricky mixed calculations. This price, unalterable during the term of the contract, covers the costs of installation, maintenance and supply of a certain volume of air. The flow exceeding the stipulated is also set at an explicit price that is invoiced at the end of the period.

We can assist you

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